Phoenix Community Locksmith Key Broke In Lock Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix Community Locksmith Phoenix, AZ 602-687-4404So your key broke in the lock ? It happens more often than you think in the Phoenix, AZ region. Phoenix Community Locksmith offers quick assistance for home owners that find themselves unable to open their doors because a key fragment refuses to budge from the lock. We are a prominent local locksmith that has handled countless emergency broken key requests over the past 10 years. We provide a safe, fast, affordable, and reliable service. Our locksmiths will remove the key fragment in a short span of time.

Why do keys break?

Are you wondering why the key broke in lock ? Keys break for a variety of reasons, the most common being:

  • Regular wear:  Every key has structural weaknesses that get pronounced over time. The material will bend and eventually break around these weak points.
  • Accidents:  Dropping your keys or banging them against a surface can cause bends to occur in the metal, which may cause it to become weak and break while turning.
  • Adverse weather:  Sometimes extreme weather, especially for the locks on your front door, can cause a key’s metal to be adversely affected.
  • Improper use:  Finally, turning a key too quickly or too hard may also cause it to break.

Don’t attempt to extract it yourself

If your key broke in lock,  then we highly recommend that you don’t attempt to remove the pieces yourself. It takes experience and the right tools to do the job properly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could damage the lock or even your door, leading to costly repairs and installations later. It’s better if you let us do it instead.

Get a fast service

It doesn’t matter when you need new keys – we provide a fast and reliable 24 hr service for home owners in Phoenix and beyond. Our mobile locksmith units can get to your location in a short span of time – usually in a handful of minutes – and then quickly extract the broken key pieces with our advanced tools. We carry our tools and inventory in our vans, so that we can provide a quick on-site service.

New keys made

Don’t despair if your key broke in the lock  – we can craft your affordable replacements with the help of our advanced machines. We can create all types of keys for the locks in your home, including high security keys.

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